One family, two centuries, a lot of history


A highly successful, down-to-earth SME: baumann group's roots go back to 1917. Today, 1,200 dedicated members of staff at the two operating bases produce 140,000 kitchens and 16,000 bathrooms a year for clients across the globe. Then as now, the baumann name is synonymous with quality, ingenuity – and a story of success that's "made in Germany".


It all starts in a sawmill in Marientränke: Otto Assmann starts crafting kitchen furniture and founds the Burger Küchenmöbeln company.


The four Baumann brothers found "Gebrüder Baumann", a small joinery company in Löhne, East Westphalia.


Burger Küchenmöbel starts exporting, supplying kitchens to the Netherlands, the Soviet Union and Hungary.


Wilhelm Baumann goes self-employed and founds the "Wilhelm Baumann" company. It employs around 30 people to make kitchen dressers.


The family-owned company "Wilhelm Baumann" is one of the first manufacturers to opt for the modular system with matching kitchen fronts. 1961 sees the launch of the "bau-for-mat fitted kitchen" product range.


Qualified wood technician Wilfried Baumann stalwartly takes the traditional craft forward, turning it into a modern industrial operation.


From now on, the company is called BAUFORMAT.


Wilfried Baumann makes a ground-breaking decision: he merges the two long-established companies, Burger Küchenmöbel in Burg near Magdeburg and BAUFORMAT, and invests heavily in the East German operating base.


The third generation of the Baumann family take over at the helm: Delf Baumann assumes responsibility for managing the family-run company, and holds it on a course of investment and growth.


DThere is a new addition to the group of companies: the badea brand completes the successful line-up with modern and high-quality bathroom furniture.


The Haus Beck exhibition and training centre opens in Löhne.


BAUFORMAT presents its new cube kitchen range.


BAUFORMAT and burger leave the trade audience in no doubt at their first showing at IMM "Living Kitchen" in Cologne.


WWelcome to the family! BAUFORMAT and burger have been trading under the shared name of "The kitchen family" since 2016. Now too, the new Burg brand of electrical appliances heralds in the baumann group's modern four-brand strategy.


Inspiring surroundings, modern teaching methods and dedicated coaches: the baumann academy has been bringing participants closer to the kitchen family world since 2020. Reflecting everyday practice, these seminars take place in Löhne, Burg and Burnley (UK), only to be complemented by riveting online seminars from the e-Academy.


One family right on course for success: 1,200 dedicated and expert members of staff at two operating bases breathe life into the four-brand strategy, producing 140,000 kitchens and 16,000 bathrooms each and every year.